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Fieldwork 3 – End of the line

One year of preparation, One month of fieldwork and here comes the time to go back home.

This morning, my travel to Aberystwyth starts: Vallouise => Gap => Grenoble => Reims => Calais => Dover => Aberystwyth finally…

I will continue my series of posts on fieldwork back home but in the meantime, here is one last picture 🙂

Glacier Blanc: yep, we went to an icy glacier too :P
Glacier Blanc: yep, we went to an icy glacier too 😛

Fieldwork 2 – Dig and Dye

Take pictures, dig and dye… repeat until you reach boredom!

In between

I was hoping to do more blog post during this fieldtrip but it looks that if you are the person in charge it’s more difficult to manage some for you and for your blog 😛

So I know that a lot of things happened between my two post and I promise to catch up on these events later when I will be back home, but now let’s have a look on the last week and a half.

The life in pink

Katie’s project is about tracing the water flows through the glacier. To do that she use a dye called Rhodamine which can be of different colour but in Katie’s case, it’s pink! Flashy pink!!!

Gloves could be a good idea!
Gloves could be a good idea!

So you can image that’s not always a pleasure to work with this colour but some time that give some great moment and a certain satisfaction to turn any supraglacial stream into the last fashion teenager hair dye colour 😛

Smile, Glacier Blanc turned PINK!
Smile, Glacier Blanc turned PINK!

Up to now, we have some good results even if sometimes, it’s really difficult to interpret as the fluorometer (the device reading the concentration of pink in the stream down the glacier) is sensitive to sun…

To see the dye in action, I will post here a video of an injection of Rhodamine in a stream (internet restriction, video to come).

Your most boring vacation pictures ever

When you read a paper on Structure-from-Motion (SfM) it always looks super cool and spectacular… but when you have to take all the pictures (or videos) by yourself on the scale of a valley with 2 glaciers, you turned into a Japanese tourist who shoots with the rafale mode the same thing again and again from different angle and point of view!!! So I won’t bother you with these dull picture but instead I will go for digging and measuring the debris thickness 😛

Easy-peasy: 5-10 cm of debris!
Easy-peasy: 5-10 cm of debris!

So basically, you choose a random place next where you sit, eat, GPS and dye trace and with an ice axe you move/dig the stones, boulders, pebbles until you reach the ice. Sometimes (up glacier usually) when you’re lucky there is only 5 cm of debris but sometimes you are not lucky and you dig for 20 min to reach 60 cm deep and you realize that the handle of the ice axe can still go down for more than 30 cm before being block by something that is not ice… So you give up!

Now you can repeat that almost every day since a week with some extras: measuring some points by GPS… just for the fun of waiting 20-30 min in the wind and under the rain 😛

My friend #WelshyInTheAlps admiring the landscape from the top of the boulder named "Tardis"
My friend #WelshyInTheAlps admiring the landscape from the top of the boulder named “Tardis”

More fieldwork news soon… I hope!