Map of burned areas of Fort McMurray update

The map

Below is the map made with images from May 5 at 11:58am. This is an high resolution update of the previous map.  Click on the picture to open a larger image. The second map shows where there is dense smoke on satellite images: the burned areas underneath are estimated only and are more prone to inaccuracies.

What I have done

I have used satellite images from Google / TerraBella in Near-InfraRed (NIR, usually used to monitor vegetation) and visible light (RGB) to map the extent of the burned areas.

The Google / TerraBella images have a resolution of 1m for the RGB and 2m for RGB. So the accuracy is quite good and the burned areas have been assessed almost house by house. At this resolution, mapping is a massive undertaking, so to keep it manageable, the accuracy of the mapping of the forest areas is much coarser than in inhabited areas.


Again, these maps are unofficial and they should be considered indicative only. For satellite images, please see the Alberta Government website and for support and resources for evacuees, please see the City of Edmonton.

Map of burned of Fort McMurray Hi-res update

Map of burned areas of Fort McMurray with smoke and clouds Hi-res update