AGU 2015 – Days 0 – San Francisco

After 26 hours of travel for only 8 hours of jet lag, I’m finally in San Francisco for the AGU 2015. I arrived 3 days in advance to have a quick visit as it’s my first time in San Francisco and in fact in the USA to visit.

Obviously with such a travel, my visit hasn’t been the most efficient possible but I have done the biggest touristy places: Embarcardero and the wharfs, a bit of the city center and the Golden Gate bridge…

And what about Alcatraz??? In fact, it was the plan today but with the heavy rain of this morning and the rain showers of this afternoon, I skipped it and decided to postpone the famous jail to next Sunday just before leaving for Canada.
Being in a city with some sun is a great and good change from Wales. I like San Francisco already even if I think that the reputation of the city (ecology, hippies, cool, so on) is a bit over the top: yes they seem to have more public transport and bicycle lanes than other big cities but it doesn’t reach the level of some European cities (Amsterdam and Scandinavian cities for example). So I understand a bit better the crazy South Park episode about San Francisco 😛

Anyway to give credit where credit is due, I succeeded to go to Golden Gate bridge from China Town on foot without any trouble: it’s a 8km (5mi)!

I’m now impatient for the conference to start as my legs and feet are a bit sore from the 22km total walk of yesterday 😛

Stay tuned for more stories about the AGU 2015!