About Me

I’m currently a PhD student in Glaciology at Aberystwyth University.

I’m studying debris-covered glaciers and focusing on modelling, debris transport and hydrology. And for this summer my field site is Glacier Noir in the French Alps.

Before arriving in Wales, I was a surveyor at the French National Institute of Geographic and Forestry Information (IGN) in the Geodesy and Levelling Service for 4 years.

I’m not going to rewrite all my CV here but if you are interested in more professional information, please follow this Research Gate link: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Pierre_Lardeux

And when I’m not working for my research, I like web developing, fantasy mapping, reading (mostly sci-fi and fantasy), listening to music (I will not enter into a life-long debate on which kind), hiking, playing video games and since a few weeks ago building and driving electric remote control cars.

Knowing how to talk about yourself is a good “transferable skill”, that’s why this overview will evolve at the same time as that skill 😉

Selfie from Llyn Craigypistyll
Selfie from Llyn Craigypistyll